the day ever was blessed

well i'm just going back a few months with this post.  
on may 6th we had ever blessed at church.
she was just 4 days over 1 month old and so tiny.
looking back at these i get a little sad because i miss the tiny version of her.  
i can't help but laugh at myself in the pictures.  when our rescued mama kitty had her babies we always talked about how exhausted and disheveled she looked for the months following their birth.  now we call my post ever's birth pictures my mama kitty pictures because i have that same exhausted disheveled appearance.
it's better to just laugh about it.  
we had dr. taylor bless her.  he has been our friend for quite some time and he was the doctor who delivered ever.  basically we would have been lost without him during the last year.  he's totally been there for us in more ways than one.  her blessing day was lovely.  i saved the details for her baby book but i've been meaning to share pictures from this day for ages so here they are.....  

remember the dress fiasco.....luckily our friend dona is a seamstress extraordinaire.  she made ever's blessing dress after discovering that my dress wasn't salvageable.  she added sweet details to it so that it would resemble my dress. 
i laugh every single time at this picture.  us smiling and pretending everything is great while ever screams with wild fists of rage.
yeah she was hungry.

i love how her and brandon have the same expression.

brandon doing the lion king pose.

and now here are a billion pictures of our girl being her expressive self in her sweet dress:


  1. dude i gotta say for being "disheveled" you look pretty good. i hope i look half that good after having a baby! :)
    - lisa

  2. You really do look beautiful here! I love that Dr. Taylor blessed her, too sweet! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Loved this day...the baby...the baby in the dress...the mommy...the daddy...the brother...the sister...Dr. Taylor...great memory :)


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