her first road trip

on july 21st we took ever on her very first road trip to flagstaff.  i was nervous about our excursion considering that 90% of the time she's in the car she is crying.  luckily we timed things just right and she slept the entire way there and the entire way home.  it was really great considering she usually just takes power naps that last all of 20 or 30 minutes.  my mom and brandon came with us.  we dined at one of our favorite places....pita jungle.  we did a little shopping.  ever was an angel almost the entire time minus a little meltdown while shopping.  it was so nice to get away for the day and enjoy some time with our little love and to know that we actually can take her places without it being super stressful.  


  1. So glad you got to get out! She will get better and better the more you do it. Love the pics!

  2. I loved this road trip...Ebser was a good girl, and you got spit on by Lt. Dan :)


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