august sixth

today my mind keeps going back to one year ago on this date, because that is when we found out ever was going to be joining our family.  i have an extremely detailed recollection of that morning when i saw a positive pregnancy test, and everything that happened during the day.  it was a very emotional, and to be honest scary thing for me.  i've always wanted to be a mom but in that moment i didn't feel ready at all.  now i can't imagine my life without ever in it.  my famous first words after realizing i was pregnant are still something we quote and laugh about regularly.
between tears......"now we can't go to disneyland."  
it was something we had been planning since our first wedding anniversary trip we took there in november of the previous year.  now i just can't wait for ever to be old enough that we can take her with us and enjoy those fun moments as a family of three.  i sometimes can't believe how much our lives have changed in the last year and what is even more unbelievable is that it all happened so fast.  

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  1. I can't imagine Disneyland being any more magical than when you are seeing it through your own children's eyes! I can't wait for you to share it with Ever!


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