ever's first hike

we took ever on her first hike today up at our favorite trail.  well actually she was on the hike before but that was when she was still locked up in my belly....this was her first time experiencing it outside of the womb.  she was so adorable all bundled up and cozy in the carrier.  surprisingly she calmly slept for more than half of the time...3ish miles or so.  after she woke up and had a diaper change in the woods she was happily awake for the remainder of the trek.  i know what we will be doing a lot of in the future.

it's not easy getting a picture of the three of us

i couldn't resist taking a picture every time i looked down at her...best view in the world.

for her good behavior she was rewarded with a dip in the big bathtub next to me....that mermaid of mine was amazed by all of the extra water.

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