ever's first few hours

here she is just a couple hours old...

here i am being amazed that she is out of her home that she was in for 9 months.

here she is being calmed by her daddy.

here i am being shocked by her big baby feet.

this is probably the moment i jinxed myself.  i told will the following things:
i feel so fortunate because...
the pregnancy was great. 
the c-section was so easy and definitely not as painful or scary as i expected based on horror stories from other people.
she is such a calm baby.
breastfeeding is a piece of cake.  we both instantly seemed to know what to do. 
i don't understand why everyone acts as if all of this is really hard.

a few hours later i had a baby screaming because she was hungry and i didn't have enough to feed her.  i kept thinking that would change in the coming days but as of today i still don't have enough milk to feed her.  i only make enough milk to offer it as an appetizer or dessert. 
ever is a very spirited baby.  she knows what she wants and doesn't have a problem letting us know.  i guess my initial observation of her was wrong....either way i love this little baby and my love for her grows each day.

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  1. I think you're awesome for still getting her SOME breastmilk,even those appetizers and desserts will make such a difference!


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