hearing test and the skull fracture

foxy lady!

this little lady had to go get a hearing test today.  when she was in the hospital after birth they weren't able to do the hearing test on her like usual because of the skull fracture.....apparently since there was an abnormality to her head the machine wouldn't give an accurate reading.  she can hear just fine as i suspected. 
notice her red face.  it seems she is dealing with a little infant eczema.  it looked worse than this over the weekend but after putting a few creams on her face it is healing up and i'm so glad.  poor girl made me sad with her rash face.
  now back to the skull fracture...i am happy to report that it is healing on its own just as the doctors said it would.  as her head has been growing the dent seems to be popping out.  when i look back at pictures i am reminded of how deep the dent was and now you can barely tell.  just over the last week it all the sudden began to disappear.  all of this healing that is going on with her brings some real relief to my mind.  
now if we could just figure out how to get ready to go somewhere without it being such a huge production.  i started to get ready at 9:30 this morning for our outing to the doctor at 2:45pm.  thank goodness i did because somewhere during the process ever went into complete meltdown mode (as i knew she would, hence the getting ready way early) and nothing would soothe her.  i spent more than an hour trying every trick in the book to calm her down but nothing helped.  as i buckled her into the car she was still crying and her cries were what i listened to driving to and from the hospital.  i get anxiety listening to her cry like that...not fun.  just when i think we are getting the hang of things she proves me wrong.
ever you fussy little girl it's a good thing i love you so much.   

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  1. She is growin too quickly! She is already outgrowing the newborn look :( Before you know it the fussy days will be behind you and the smiles and baby talk will fill the days! She is such a beautiful little baby!


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