her little hands

i've always had a thing with hands...it is one of the first things i notice about people.  
ever's little hands are my most favorite in the world.  
when she doesn't have them covered with mittens to prevent scratching her face off i find myself obsessing over her hands and holding them.  
to me this picture says that she needs me and i need her.  
tuesday i realized just how true that statement is.  
i was required to go back to work for at least one day after being out on leave and tuesday was the day.  
in a way it felt really good to be out of the house going about my usual old routine but at the same time i felt like a fish out of water.  i was so confused all day.  i tried not to cry as i left ever at home with will.  luckily she did really well so it made things much easier for me.  now if i could just figure out how to have her behave for me the way she does for her dad.  i felt slightly emotional about saying goodbye to the people and place i've known for the last 15 years but then i felt really happy knowing that i'll be home with my little girl since we both need each other. so many mixed emotions about closing one chapter of my life and opening a new one. 

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