the best nurses

before having ever i had not stayed in the hospital at all during my life. 
i was super nervous about being in the hospital and i worried about which nurses i would have. 
luckily i won the nurse lottery during my stay. 
my day nurse was gwen.  
here she is with ever.  she was very calm, gentle, and knowledgable.
she was in on the c-section and she was the main nurse to care for ever once she arrived.  
i couldn't have asked for a better person to care for us during those first hours and days.
i actually remember telling my mom and will that i missed gwen after we left the hospital.
she made the hospital feel like home.   
since i was so lucky to have a great day nurse i was certain i wouldn't be as lucky with my night nurse but i totally was.  richelle was my night nurse.  i have known richelle since the beginning of grade school.  we were good friends growing up.  my very first slumber party as a child was at richelle's house.  we had remained friends all the way through high school.  after high school life got busy for both of us so we didn't exactly stay in touch but when we happened to see each other it was always pleasant.  i was so thrilled that she would be taking care of us.  she was so wonderful to all 3 of us.  one night ever was really upset and i couldn't calm her down.  i was so exhausted.  richelle came in and offered help.  she took our girl for a little bit so we could get some much needed rest.  i wouldn't have felt comfortable enough to hand ever to just anyone but i knew she would be well taken care of in richelle's hands so i was able to relax.  richelle showed us how to do the ultimate baby burrito wrapping and she explained many new mother things to me.  she was so sweet, genuine, and gentle.  i really loved having her as my nurse and i missed her once we left the hospital. 
i have already decided that if/when we have another baby i'll have to make sure these two lovely ladies are there to take care of me.

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