from hospital to home

this is the day she came home with us....april 4th. 
i don't realize how much she has grown until i see these pictures of her so tiny.   
nurse gwen and will took off all her don't steal me tags and such.
then my mom got her dressed in this outfit.  originally i had picked a hello kitty outfit for her trip home but since she was so tiny i went with this other one that i stumbled upon at target just a couple weeks before she was born.  i thought it was so adorable for some reason and couldn't leave the store without it.  
good thing i got that tiny newborn outfit because most other things i had in mind like the hello kitty outfit have yet to fit since she is itty bitty.
at this point she was basically saying....enough, i'm tired of being messed with.
i'll never forget just how miniature and fragile she seemed in her carseat.  good thing dr. taylor happened to be there when we were buckling her into the car that first time because we were pretty clueless about how it should all be.  now we are experts.
ever was not a fan of her first car ride.  i sat in the back with her trying to keep her happy but she screamed the entire time.  
it was so strange walking into the house with a new person that would be living there.
a transition for us and the kitties too but now it is all so normal.  i can't imagine her not being here.
after her being fussy for a while that first night at home we figured out she was hungry.  i was terrified to give her a bottle thinking it would ruin breastfeeding so i syringe fed her while my mom held her.

that first night at home was not easy but luckily will took her for the majority of the night so i could get some much needed rest.  it is funny to think how lost and unsure we were with her then.  now we have a better idea of what to do to soothe her and how she likes things.
what a learning experience it has all been.  
i am happy that this new little loved addition is in our home.

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