my new job

meet my new boss...
she can be pretty demanding and difficult but she pays quite well with smiles and love.
after almost 15 years at the hospital i am moving on to be at home with this little girl.  it was pretty strange telling people at work that i wouldn't be returning.  well i go back for one day next week and then i'm done.  i have always wanted to be a stay at home mom so this is basically a dream come true.  it feels a little odd because it is such a big change from what i have known for so long but i am very happy to have this new job of mine.


  1. You will have no regrets! It is, without a doubt, the best job ever!

  2. I love being able to stay at home with Jet. Im here for his every moment of life and I am very grateful for that. Maybe one of these days I'll make a little trip up to kingman so we can have lunch and I can play with Ever!

  3. yes, best job ever! somedays get really long and a little rough, but in the end, so very worth it. I just couldn't bare the thought of someone else being with my babies day in and day out while I went off to work. so very glad we are able to make it on one income (although just barely at times;). but when you have such a sweet, adorable face like that looking up at you, you know nothing is worth leaving her.

  4. I love your new boss, and I can't think of a better boss in this whole entire world. :)


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