holding their babies

ever was just a few days old in this picture.
it was one of those moments that was nice to capture with the camera which happened to be handy. 
here my mom is holding ever and calming her while will is holding pellegrino and calming him.
pellegrino is so needy and sort of like a baby that loves to be held and cuddled. 
speaking of the kitties and ever....
the day we brought her home the cats acted as if we had done something awful. 
they spent most of their time hiding under the couch. 
who was this tiny loud person invading their space and getting all the attention?
luckily as the days went on we all began to adjust a little more and now the cats don't seem to mind our latest addition.  they are sometimes curious when she cries or they seem disgusted by her screams and run to another room.  i'm glad they like her now although that might all change when she is moving around and grabbing them.

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