making me a mom

this is the face of the baby girl who made me a mama...
and what a sweet exhausting beautiful experience that has been.

i am still learning....i learn a little bit more every day and i'm glad she is somewhat patient with me.  before i had ever i thought the role of motherhood would be the easiest role for me to fill but that hasn't really been the case.  it may not be easy, but it is rewarding.  each day i get a little bit better at being a mom to this sweet beautiful girl.  each day i love her even more than the day before.  one thing i know for sure is that i'd be lost without the example and help of my own mother.  becoming a mom has given me an entirely new level of love and respect for my mother.
she is the most selfless loving beautiful person i know.  ever is lucky to have her as a yaya just like i am lucky to have her as a mom.


  1. Happy mothers day Skye! You are doing a wonderful job mothering your little peanut! Each day will present different challenges but you are right, it is SO very rewarding! Hope your day is magic!

  2. Easy or not, Ever is lucky to have you as a mama. Happy first Mother's Day!

  3. Oh Skye Lee, being lucky enough to have you and Brandon as my children made my life so much easier. I love you both more than life. You are an amazing mom, and you show selfless love to baby Ever. Ever and Will are lucky to have you :)


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