conversations with toys

today ever is ten weeks old.
it is shocking that she went from 12 days in this picture to 10 weeks with the blink of an eye.

my most favorite things about her lately are her smile and the conversations she has with us and her toys.
we watch in amazement as she talks to her toys, we call them her friends.   she swings her arms and kicks her legs then smiles so big like the conversations with the tiny stuffed creatures is the best thing in the world.  i think the conversations with us might be her second favorite at the moment.  i have tried recording her during one of these cute conversations but it is as if she knows i'm recording and she stops her funny stuff right away.  soon i'll get a video of the cuteness.  for now here is a picture of her seeing her favorites first thing this morning. 

it is as if she is seeing them for the first time every time.


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