another hike with ever

last weekend we did it again.  this time it was rather warm in the mountains and we saw lots of wildlife.  
we also had my mom and brother with us which meant we laughed a little bit more as we had interesting conversations.

i enjoyed watching ever's wispy cotton candy hairs blow in the wind.

for some reason i think she looks like a cranky old turtle in this picture.

here she is being upset on the drive home

and being frightened by the flash.  
i can't help but laugh at this one.  
poor girl doesn't look happy.
but she is quite happy out in the wilderness.


  1. She's looking less like a newborn, especially that last pic!

  2. haha, i laughed a little to hard at the cranky turtle picture. Thank you

  3. I love all the pictures! Give that sweet baby extra kisses for me, xoxo! I think ever and Dominic will need a playdate soon!

  4. brandi...i know...kind of makes me sad.
    camille...anything to make you laugh...your laugh is the best!
    aleasha...kisses given and playdate with your little man very soon!


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