latest from ig

still obsessed with instagram and taking picture of ever as you can see...
(username: skyewe)
taken at 6 weeks of age...loves doing pushups.

sportin her cool shades from brandi.

7 weeks old.

not thrilled about hiking again.

i love that face.

having a talk with her papa.  he's pretty much obsessed with her.

9 weeks old and all about smiling.

she coos and it melts my heart.

showing her strength during tummy time again.

those eyes!

getting a sniff from pellegrino.

meeting a rescued baby bunny.....kind of looks like she's punching it.

meeting a rescued baby quail

getting more papa love.

just call me lashes.

the angry mermaid.  
she frequently ends up with both legs in one leg hole of her outfits.
i call it mermaiding herself.

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