a giggle

this 11 week old of mine laughed for the first time today.  
we were at her doctors appointment and my mom was holding her while i talked to the doctor.  i look over where my mom is sitting because i thought i heard a giggle and i did.  ever was laughing at her yaya.  such an adorable sight and sweet sound.  
then tonight as i was feeding her she kept smiling at me so i started talking to her and when i said "xoxo gossip girl" to her she let out a tiny giggle.  
i kept trying to get her to do it again but she was keeping those giggles locked up tight for the rest of the evening.  i'm thinking any day now laughing will be a regular thing for her and i can't wait.


  1. Ebser was only giggling for her Yaya, but now you and others have learned the secret :)


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