secret hiding spot

we went out on a date last night and got home after midnight.  first task before bed was tending to the kitties.  as we were cleaning out their glitter box and getting them settled for the night we lost a kitten.  i was eventually in panic mode after searching all of the likely places.  when they are free to roam about the house they seem to pick the same hiding spots but he wasn't to be found in any of those spots.  i knew we couldn't go to bed until he was found.  we triple checked the entire house and he was still missing.  finally i just went and sat in the bathroom with the other little rascals feeling defeated, when i made a discovery.  i noticed that the others seemed to be interested with a little corner under the cabinets in the bathroom.  all the sudden houndstooth disappeared in front of my eyes as i investegated the spot they were interested in.  turns out there is a little space that is not visible unless you are laying on the ground where a gap between the wall and cabinets forms a tiny tunnel.....hard to explain....but that is where he was and now houndstooth.  they were basically hiding under the cabinets and i couldn't get to them.  i waited and waited and waited then with the help of the mama kitty coaxing they came out.  of course that wasn't until 3 am.  we temporarily plugged up the hole and went to bed.  they had the hole unplugged by the time we got up this morning so looks like we need to figure out a permanent solution.
here's the naughtly little guy that started the panic.
here's houndstooth peeking out their secret hiding spot. 
naughty kitties. 
it's a good thing they are so cute.


  1. They're so cute. I love that last picture too.

  2. That is so cute and so funny..We have a black cat named Jade who used to do the EXACT same thing..She would disappear and we couldn't find her and she would squeeze out from underneath the cabinet where it would meet our floor. So cute..


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