cp takes a trip to the vet

we went camping over the weekend and shortly after returning yesterday we discovered mama kitty (coffeepot) was sick.  my mom took care of the kitties while we were gone and she said cp was totally fine but right after we got home she started vomiting repeatedly and seemed very weak.  i think the babies could tell something was wrong and they took turns cuddling up to her.  i happened to catch houndstooth comforting her mama.
poor mama kitty.  she seemed to be better this morning but i still took her to the vet just to be sure.  a shot, fluids, blood tests, special food, and quite a bit of money later.....
we discover she has a cranky uterus.  we were planning on getting her spayed just as soon as possible anyway to avoid having more baby kitties but now it looks like that surgery is extra urgent.  luckily she seems much more like her old self just a couple hours after her appointment.  if she doesn't act completely normal in a few days it's emergency surgery time, otherwise she will have it done in a couple weeks.  my job now is to keep mama and babies away from each other so they can be fully weaned.  so far....neither parties seems to be very happy about it.  


  1. This picture makes me want to cry...so sweet that HT is comforting CP :)

    You make it sound like I was a bad kitty sitter...but I didn't make her uterus cranky. Poor CP :(

  2. This is a very sweet picture. No wonder you fell in love with that little girl :)


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