wedding in the park

this weekend we went to an event that felt like a high school reunion and family reunion but really it was a wedding.  there were friends i hadn't seen in many years and we spent a great deal of time with our group of family that was in attendance. 
*my mom and my older sister rita talking about who knows what but probably something naughty.

*you could tell a lot of time went in to making this such a nice night.
there were certain areas of the park like in this shot below that reminded me of some sort
of whimsical scene from alice in wonderland.

*brian and lennette.

*i love will and having my handsome husband as my date
that night made me appreciate him even more.

*with my mom who said she loves this picture because the dark hides her wrinkles.
whatever mom...you are the best looking 50 year old i know.  i hope i'm lucky
enough to look like that when i get to be as ancient as you :)

*this guy here is josh and that is one of his little ones...we were best buds in high school.
it's weird to think that we are adults now and that we went so many years without seeing each other when it was normal to not go a day without spending time together 11 years ago.

*my brother brandon on the left and his best bud nick.  those two have tormented me for a lot of years.

*brandon, john, will.
i'm actually loving the look of this photo along with the other low light/slightly blurry ones.

pretty exciting to see my friend brian get married.
a lovely evening with the people i love most.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Long lasting friendships are so special.

  2. I was shocked to see rosey cheeks getting married! Awe, congrats to Brian and his beautiful bride!


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