pellegrino....the kitty, not the drink.

i never thought i'd say this but it's official....we are crazy cat lovers.
our original intention was to keep one kitten from the litter. 
i didn't plan on falling in love with another kitten and keeping him
it just sorta happened.
i mean look at how adorably handsome he is.
the blue eyes, the pretty markings, and i can't forget to mention that he has a very slight underbite which i think is extra cute.....adds character.

he also has the sweetest disposition.  when i pick him up he is soft and cuddly, he lets me cradle him like a baby and usually closes his eyes like he's blissfully happy.
when he's acting all fiesty and i go to touch him instead of nibbling and scratching my fingers he licks them.
when he can't find me he lets out the cutest little squeaky noise that sounds a little like a meow but not really.
i'll call for him and he follows the sound of my voice then seems extremely content when he sees me.
he makes similar funny noises when playing with his siblings.

notice the open mouth....yeah that's the underbite.
makes me want to squeeze him ♥

the other reason we decided to keep him is because houndstooth really seems to love him.  i catch them being sweet with each other all the time.  cuddling, wrestling, cleaning each others ears.
it's simply meant to be.
oh and his name....
we shall call him


  1. yay kitties! see, it's easy to become a crazy cat lover :)

  2. Super cute! I love kitties:-) Keep up on those shots!!


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