4 minus 2 equals 2

we will no longer have scenes quite like these.
no more kitty piles of 4 because....

two of the little ones went to their new home today.
i've been a little sick about it all weekend.
i was thrilled knowing that they were going to a wonderful home where they will be loved like crazy by a very close friend and that they were going together, but so sad that they didn't know what was coming.
they were just going about their business of playing and eating and sleeping then all the sudden they are packed up in a kitty carrier and heading to unfamiliar territory that doesn't have their mama and their other two litter mates.  i got a little teary as they left our front door.  i put two of their familiar toys in the carrier with them hoping that it would somehow make the transition easier. 
these little ones will get names when their owner decides what is best but our names for them during the last 10 weeks were....
the super fiesty funny playful little boy.

the overachieving cuddly sweet little girl.

looks like pellegrino is telling them goodbye in this picture but really he was after a bug.
i hope they are comfortable in their new home and i hope mama kitty doesn't get worried when she realizes they really aren't here anymore.

good thing we still have little pellegrino and houndstooth to keep everyone distracted.


  1. You know Dr. Jackson will give me updates...he is still stumped on what names to give them. He told me he had two kitties when he was a little boy and I can't remember what he named them (i'm old) they were both boys and Italian names. He was thinking about just naming them those names (the ones I can't remember) and just making the one name more girlie :)

  2. awww, they went to Dr Jackson..They will be so loved and spoiled. That is so good. Normally its so hard to find homes for pets. You are so lucky!!!
    The little kitty piles are so cute and I can definitely feel your sadness. Its hard to say good bye to them. I always wonder too if the siblings or momma think about them or miss them.
    Are you keeping the rest?

  3. Codi, McKeena, KeltonJune 14, 2011 at 5:25 PM

    Kelton says "Dayre funnee eeeding dayre pants" Theyr'e funny, eating their plants " He was giggling the whole time looking at the pictures!

    McKeena " giggle giggle giggle, who is that? Her cat's have funny names. Ummm I would name one cup if I had a kitty."

    Cute blog and cute kitties, we would cry if we had to say goodbye... we need a new kitty!!! We have one named "Bouie - we got her around halloween and she was always chasing our feet scaring us. We've had her for 9 years! The kids liked seeing those pictures :)

  4. Awww!! I LOVE how the 4 of them all snuggle up together!! That's soo sweet!! But the way you wrote this almost made me cry when the 2 kitties were leaving. At least you still have 2 of them. And I love how PellIgrino climbs all over you and smuggles up with you. It reminds me of Lovey. I never thought you'd be a crazy cat lover but I'm soo happy that you are! I love it! See...aren't kitties just the greatest??!?


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