family hike

it is rather amazing to think that this is practically in our back yard, just minutes away. 
this is the hiking trail we frequent and i'm sad to say we haven't taken advantage of it like we did in the past.  za husband was working over the weekend so i ran away with a few other favorite people and took an invigorating/somewhat grueling hike on one of my most favorite trails.  hikers included my mom, my brother, and our adopted family member heather. 

*can you spot the bear? oh wait that's just brandon.

*i tried to catch this little buddy but he was way too fast which made me kind of sad.

it is interesting to go hiking here during all seasons.  right now the trail is incredibly green and lush which is beautiful but i'm partial to hiking it during fall because it is absolutely gorgeous.  some of the more adventurous times we've had were during the winter months when snow was knee deep.
this is going to be our go to spot during the summer. 
who wants to hike with us next time?


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