emergency vet visit

this evening we noticed houndstooth was not her playful self.
at first we thought she was just extra tired, but after poking at her a bit it seemed as if she was in pain and almost felt hot to the touch like she had a fever. 
last night she was running around like crazy.
this morning she seemed totally fine and playful, so it really scared me that in a matter of hours she could be weak and sickly.
you could just tell by looking at her something wasn't right. 
ultimately no amount was too much so we took her in.
high fever is leaning towards some sort of infection, maybe upper respiratory.
she got fluids, antibiotics, and a shot for pain/inflamation.
now we are home resting and hoping that she shows signs of her usual wild self tomorrow.
 poor little girl.


  1. awww, poor baby..I hope she is doing better today.

  2. Poor little Houndsie...you can tell she doesn't feel good. :(


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