the watch vs. hunger

the 27th is za husband's birthday.  i have been asking him for weeks what he wanted.  of course he had to be difficult and say nothing each time i asked.  then all the sudden there was a watch.  a watch he couldn't live without.  unfortunately someone he works with overheard the conversation about this amazing watch and actually had the nerve to snatch it up before i could get to the computer and buy it.  i could have punched that person in the face.  i was really frustrated because it was the one item za husband really wanted.  i finally ended up getting him a few other items that seemed cool but certainly would never compare.  all the sudden today he sends me a link for a similar but even better watch that he would love to have.  knowing i had already bought him presents he felt kind of guilty even telling me about it but still it was the.magical.gift.  i instantly bought the watch to avoid a repeat situation and even paid for expedited shipping so it would be here in time.  i then emailed za husband back and said something like yeah that watch is really cool but just trust that i already have spectacular things planned for your birthday.  you know trying to throw him off the trail.  next thing i know i get a call from him....here is a summary of our conversation....

him:  honey how much do you love me?  in a begging/apologetic sort of tone.
me:  oh great what? 
him:  well you know that watch i sent you the link to?
me:  yeah.  in a cranky tone.
him:  well i didn't want someone else to get it before me so i went ahead and bought it and now i feel bad.
me:  you (insert expletive here)!!!  i bought it too.  why couldn't you have just trusted that i was going to make your birthday special, now you've ruined the surprise.
him:  did you just call me a (.........)?
me:  yes i'm hungry
i totally didn't mean to call him the bad name.  it slipped out because i was frustrated with work and hungry plus devastated that he ruined the surprise.
he feels bad about the situation and agrees to cancel his order right away.  obviously he didn't feel bad enough though because he went ahead and decided to make me look like a jerk in front of the guys he works with.  he calls me on speaker phone but of course i don't know this and tells me that they can't cancel his order because it's already processed and blah blah blah.  he was really convincing, usually he can't get one past me.  i start freaking out so he laughs and tells me he is joking.  then he says....i can't believe you called me a (........) earlier.  i respond...well you should know better than to push me when i'm really hungry.  next thing i know the guys he works with start cracking up in the background.
it's a good thing i really love him. 
oh and just curious.....does anyone else get cranky when they are hungry?


  1. Will is like a little kid...remember..."please mom please"...this reminds me of that :)
    Everyone gets super cranky when they are hungry!

  2. I believe Tyra gets super emotional when she's hungry, but I'm not sure about cranky. Haha.

  3. I am evil when I am hungry. Cullen will pretty much stop the world and get me food so he doesn't have to deal with me...;)Glad it's not just me!

  4. I'm pretty sure I turn into an evil, crazy monster when I'm hungry. So don't feel bad!

  5. Yes! Hunger makes me cranky!

    There's a really cute story I read recently about this phenomenon: http://apracticalwedding.com/2011/06/wedding-undergraduate-the-no-proposal-story-proposal/

    The comments are funny too.

  6. hehehe! This post made me crack up! Oh and yes I'm mean and nasty when I'm hungry and Tired!

  7. Yes, mam, I do get cranky. AND emotional. Its just never a good idea to let me get too hungry or tired.


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