flashback friday #21

circa 1992.  i guess will was a clarinet master.  i am in love with this picture.

there are a few things i have to say about this.....

1. will kind of begged me not to post it but i couldn't help myself.

2.  do you see the ninja turtle in the background?  true story, i thought ninja turtles were pretty cool back then too so i guess we had that in common.   not really the girly sort of thing to like at that age, i blame it on my brother.  we played with the action figures together quite a bit.

3.  when i first found this picture i laughed for probably ten minutes straight.  i think he looks so adorable and just the whole scene is hilarious.  i really truly am in love with this picture and whenever i need to smile or laugh, i reach for it.  za husband is precious!   

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  1. Will is adorable...I played the clarinet too in grade school...we are bonded :)


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