our home

just a little over a year in this place and i finally feel like certain rooms that lacked the right amount of charm/decor/organization are finally coming together. 
sometimes you can't rush that kind of stuff.  i wanted to have it all put together and picture perfect instantly but each room has finally evolved into what i dreamt of and i'm sure that will continue to happen as we live here. 
after looking at tons of houses this was the only one that felt right.  it spoke to me, unlike the rest.
we figured it would be a bit of an ordeal buying a house, but we were newlyweds with a dream that seemed attainable.  shortly after we started the process of getting the house we discovered that someone had done some very dishonest things which would set us back tremendously.  from start to finish this was 6 months full of extension fees, 2 different mortgage companies....the second one being the best in the world, letting the house go back on the market, us moving in with my mom, losing hope, being very thankful my sister was our realtor, fighting a fight that should have never been ours and feeling seriously hateful about it, the list goes on.
but i guess it really is true that when something is meant to be it will be.
against all odds this became our happy place
now for a tour of a few rooms....
our living room

our kitchen

our bedroom

our bathroom

my art room/the spare has been one of those areas i just couldn't seem to get right but all of the sudden it feels like the inspirational space i wanted after a few projects that were recently completed

where i make messes and masterpieces
just for fun here are the additions to my skeleton key wall
i was extremely lucky to find these super cool vintage door plates to add to my key collection.

we are still thrilled and sometimes in awe that our dream finally became a reality.
i find a lot of joy in making it more ours each day.


  1. Skye, I love all the new additions to your masterpiece's! You are tremendously creative and artistic. You have created a very beautiful happy home! And way to go Will for helping paint and reasemble the crib parts and supporting Skye's love of making all things beautiful and fun.

  2. I love your place! esp. the keys-- i have a thing for them and doorknobs! :) and your art of course! lovely. thanks for "inviting" me over ;)

  3. Skye your house is the most beautiful and creative house that I know of. I absolutely love it!! And I didn't know that you still had some of Mia's artwork hanging up in your art room!! :) I love it!!


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