monies...stolen and birthday

we had decided to visit a different antique shop downtown this afternoon.  it was too hot in there to really enjoy looking at anything but we managed to still find a few treasures.

my mom had given will some money for his birthday and she made a point to tell him that he needed to use in on something fun for himself rather than something for me.  that mother of mine...i can't believe her.  all i have to say is mom you did not win, because he did actually use it to get me my treasures from the antique store considering we were without a debit card and could be for the next 5 days.  apparently some random person out in the world thought it would be really cool to steal our debit card number and spend over a thousand dollars at zappos.com.  to that person, i must say......not cool!  luckily zappos is really smart and they figured something was up when the thief ordered 4 watches without the correct billing information.  the order was canceled, a claim was filed and hopefully the money comes back to our account within a day or two.  nothing that couldn't be fixed after some frustration and a couple phone calls.  now i'm wondering how i'll make it without a debit card for a few days.  it seems so foreign to write checks or even use cash.  

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  1. I love it that Will didn't listen to me and spent it on you...I'm sure it is fun for him to see you happy :)


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