the lamborghini encounter

 to say that za husband is a car enthusiast might be a bit of an understatement.  he is pretty obsessed with cars.  he could tell you all sorts of facts about all sorts of vehicles.  he has a hard time remembering what he did yesterday, but when it comes to cars he remembers every little detail.  it's actually quite impressive.  when we are out and about he admires certain vehicles and tells me about his dreams of owning them.  last friday as i turned the corner to our quiet little subdivision that is away from the heart of town i see something shocking.  in the middle of the road there are 4 lamborghini's along with a couple other high end vehicles.  it didn't quite register that i was seeing a group of exotic cars right near our house, all i remember was feeling annoyed that one guy was in the middle of the road preventing me from getting home.  i waited a minute for them to move then instantly called will to tell him what i just saw.  he flipped out!  he asked if i took a picture but of course i hadn't because i was just trying to figure out what those people could possibly be doing in our neighborhood.  i felt like a failure for not getting pictures of something that was so exciting to za husband so what did i do?  flipped around super fast and literally raced down the road to catch them and take crappy pictures on my phone since i didn't have my camera.  it must have been quite comical to see my fj cruiser trying to catch up to cars that go over 200 mph.  i will not disclose how fast i was going to catch up but lets just say it was a little insane.  i was thrilled to catch them and snap a few pictures.  i even ended up right next to the green one at a stop light and realized that his license plate said "hulk" which was extra neat since it just happens to be will's favorite.  i sent him the pictures and then we discussed everything in detail later.  he wanted to know every bit about my encounter and considering that this is something he is so passionate about, i can see why.  za husband told me how he was so extremely jealous that it wasn't him who saw all those cars close up.  i reminded him that he has a really cool wife because who else would know as many details about the cars at a glance and who else would race down the road to take pictures.  he did agree that it was extremely cool of me to appreciate something he loves that much.  will was so curious about why the cars would be in a group like they were.  he said it must have been some sort of rally. 

next thing you know while we are out running errands he spots a vehicle with the same kind of decals parked in the del taco parking lot.  he whips his truck around like our lives depend on it and pulls up to the two guys standing outside their very modified camaro.  i don't think i've seen him so enthusiastic about something in a long time and it was adorable.  he reminded me of a little kid getting a much loved toy on christmas morning.  i couldn't help but laugh and smile about his pure joy over such a thing.  he of course got out and talked to the guys and found out all the details about the rally race.  he told the guys about my encounter with the lamborghini's and how i raced to catch them and take pictures, they thought that was pretty hilarious.
  i am so glad will got to live in a dream world for a little bit that day....it was precious to witness. 


  1. What day was this? Chris and I are almost positive that we saw these cars leaving Vegas and driving to Kingman! He has a serious love for lamborghinis and was also oh so happy to see them on the road!

  2. it was last friday so would have been 6/17. boys and their cars....so funny!


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