the best pedicure & a stroll

i asked za husband if he would give me a pedicure because i needed one and it seemed like fun to let him give it a whirl.  i didn't think he would actually end up doing it, but because he is such a great sport he totally did.  i offered to return the favor and maybe paint his toenails a lovely shade of blue but unfortunately he declined.

za husband thought it might be a good idea to put houndstooth in the tub while i was soaking my feet.....not such a good idea.  she calmly stood in the water for about a second then completely flipped out and scratched us up while trying to escape.  we felt so bad for the poor girl.   
will did a great job on my pedicure minus a couple minor polishing issues that i had to fix.
it was actually really adorable to watch him be all serious about it.
pellegrino considered helping out for a few minutes.
after that we met up with will's mom and her boyfriend for dinner then we took it upon ourselves to go for a little stroll downtown afterwards. 

the finished product

he is seriously the best and sometimes i think he deserves a medal for putting up with me.


  1. This is a sexy post...seriously :)

  2. That's awesome! Why haven't I had Jess do this for me?


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