little crocodile, ideas, possible giveaway

i was inspired by the quote on the painting from lewis carroll's alice in wonderland.
that inspiration turned into this painting that i am now in love with. 
notice the golden scales.....talk about time consuming but so worth it because i love the look of this painting.  i'm 99% sure this baby won't make it to the shop but that it will go straight to the wall in my art room instead.
speaking of the shop.....i have been lacking motivation, time, inspiration to restock my magical online store.  i need your help.  any input on what you would like to see more of? 
think about the paintings of the past....any more of those redone?  new stuff? 
give me feedback please and i might have to repay you with a giveaway.....
how does that sound?


  1. Trail to heaven is my favorite!! I think the design options on this are endless. You can change colors, fall, summer, spring, winter..night and day...animals, starry night...All sorts of great magic!!

  2. Kitties!
    I bet there's lots of inspiration there you can draw from right now :)

    - Lisa

    P.S.: I'm having trouble signing in with Google now :(

  3. You know my favorite, Miss Skye...I would LOVE a version of "Shine"!

  4. I'm pretty sure I would buy this one the second it hit your shop:

  5. You know the ones I want Skye Lee! I want my mermaids! And one of fat, cute, colorful fish. And a peacock one. I also would love to see one of a beautiful bird in an old-fashioned fancy bird cage. What else...hmm...let me think and I'll message back with more of my wishes :)


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