kittens take showers

i've been saying for days that the kittens need a bath but wasn't quite sure how to go about it.  this morning i decided to hand houndstooth to za husband while he was in the shower.  i was worried she would freak out but she was pretty mellow.  i mean you could tell she wasn't happy about it but she stayed calm, almost catatonic.
i wrapped her up like a little burrito in a washcloth and held her until she was mostly dry.
she was really a good sport about the entire process.

after i put her down mama kitty licked her like crazy which she seemed to enjoy.
it was hilarious watching them.
coffeepot is such a good mom and she loves her little twin.
later in the day we gave houndstooth's siblings a shower in the sink.
this little one was pretty good for his shower too although his expression pretty much says that this wasn't his favorite experience.
this little guy was a sweetie like always and took his shower without much of a fight.
doesn't he have pretty blue eyes?
this little girl fought like crazy.  she liked her shower the least of all of them. 
but she was a fan of the dry off time.  she snuggled right up to me and even fell asleep.
now they are clean and dry and happy.
we ♥ them!


  1. How cute!! If you get them used to it while they are little they won't mind it. I've heard if you stick them in a bucket or tub while holding their front paws out of the water you can wash them and it makes them think of their mom so they don't mind it:-)

  2. I used to wash my cat fairly often, and he always was good for baths, even as an adult.


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