wall o' love

the big blank wall in our bedroom is slowly being filled with treasures....
among a photo of us is the owl art i did for our wedding invitation, the memory collages,
this saying from a magical movie,
and this little gem i put together from super old sheet music and a vintage style card which says
true love is unmistakable.
stay tuned to see more goodies on the wall o' love as i dream them up.


  1. I love the love wall. Our room's pretty boring, I need to do something to it.

  2. Your wall looks great!!! I know that I've told you this before, but I'll tell you again.....I am soo jealous of your artistic abilities!!!! You know that you are soo talented!!??! You could have soo many different professions. You could be an interior designer, a makeup artist, a fashion stylist, and oh yeah a psychologist!! Wait!! One more!!! You'll make the bestest mommy when the time comes too!! ;) ily!!


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