hello kitty shoes

my friend angela paid me a visit last week with a bag of handmade baby goods.
i am always so impressed by my friends sewing abilities. 
i wish i was crafty that way. 
each items was adorable but these little hello kitty shoes stole my heart. 
true story....she made these and i'm so impressed.
can't wait to put them on e's little feet.


  1. How cute! She's awesome. Paige just asked me if it says where you got them. :)

  2. OMG so adorable! Very impressive.

  3. She sent me a picture of them when she made them! She is so talented and they are going to look so stinkin' cute on your little one's feet!!

  4. :) I'm so glad you like them!! You are so sweet!!

  5. i wish u could post a tutorial on how they here made :)


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