perfect dresser finally found

for the past several months we have been searching for the perfect dresser to put in e's room.  i had a vision in my head of what the dresser would need to have in order to pass the test. 
we went to antique stores, furniture stores, looked online, but nothing seemed to be just right. 
yesterday we decided to stop at the antique stores once again and finally we found it.
the entire thing was painted a pale yellow like the color of the drawer pulls.  i wanted something aqua with a more distressed look so will made that happen. 
i love the details like this and the keyholes.
i love that it's old and real wood.

i ordered ceramic drawer pulls from anthropologie to complete the look. 
i can't wait until they arrive and we can have one more project marked off the list. 
i've been in a sort of panic these days about making sure we have the things i think we need and making sure everything is done before our sweet little girl arrives.


  1. You're nesting! :)

    I'm so jealous of both of your awesome dressers. We're on the hunt for one for the girls' room, now that we're moving them in together. I NEVER find good ones when I'm at the antique stores.

  2. I want this! But...it's more important that Baby E has it :)


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