3 things

1. will came home with all of this amazing stuff.  people from his department pitched in to get us lots of needed items from the registry plus other amazing things i never thought about needing.  we are so appreciative and feel very loved. 
2. the drawer pulls came in, so now the dresser for e's room is complete. 
i love how it turned out.
3. i think there should be a law against pregnant women getting sick. 
as if this last stage of pregnancy doesn't already have enough uncomfortable moments...adding a cold or whatever this is...well it's just criminal. 
i kept thinking i've been so lucky to have made it this far without catching some nasty bug considering i've been around lots of sick people.  my luck finally ran out.
i stayed home from work today to sleep a ton and try every other natural remedy hoping that i can stop this before it gets worse. 
poor timing too....my baby shower is saturday and i want to feel good enough to fully enjoy it.
i am extra whiney right now...in case you couldn't already tell.

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  1. I LOVE your drawer pulls. And I'm sorry you're sick. I got a really bad cold/flu thing when I was pregnant with Caso, toward the end. So I was like 8 months pregnant, HUGE, and it was August-so blazing hot out, and I couldn't stop coughing or breathe. I thought my ribs were breaking with every cough. So I was pretty wimpy about it too, feel free to complain. :)


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