everisms and more

here you'll see an assortment of pictures taken the last few weeks and you'll read several funny things ever has said or done lately.  most of the pictures have a story of their own so enjoy this hodge podge of ever goodness....

she often likes to rub the belly for comfort if she is tired or gets hurt.  if she gets in trouble for something she likes to immeadiately say hug baby sisters and hug my belly.  i think she knows we find that action adorable so she uses it to take the attention off her naughty moments.

last weekend will got up with ever to give me a chance to get a little extra sleep.  when i woke u i walked out to the living room and saw her watching tv like this.  i thought will set it up for her but he said she did the laundry basket chair all on her own.

ever has been really interested in these long weeds lately.  she pulls them and says they are her magic wands as she waves them around.  on this particular day she didn't want to collect her magic wands until her pajama outfit was complete with rain boots and a helmet.  

ever in her new favorite spot at the hospital.  she likes to go play in this area when i'm at my appointments.  she collects pine cones and hugs trees and hides and screams.  her favorite is when it is raining and she can splash around in the mud.

another thing she enjoys is spending time with my mom in her office.  she asks if it is a day i have to go to the doctor and when i tell her it is she thinks it is the best kind of day.  she makes messes with random items in my moms office and plays dress up and puts stickers on every surface.

a cute morning conversation over cheerios.

riding her horse around the house is not possible unless she has my boots on.

cuddling stuffed animals is fine but lately she is all about cudding mister kitty.  she's always been fond of him but it is to the point now that if we aren't home she tells me says things like "i meed to go see what mister is up to."
he deserves an award for putting up with her.  she bosses him around so much.

when i text this picture to my mom i said.....i've become that mom....ever is completely mismatched, messy hair, boots on the wrong feet etc.  
we are often in survival mode around here these days.  
if only i could look as cute as ever does when i'm disheveled.

now for some everisms...

*one night when i was getting her out of the bathtub she said "i'm a scientist, i'm a mermaid, i'm a giraffe, i'm a saurus (type of dinosaur), i'm a pirate."

*she saw ultrasound pictures on the kitchen counter.  i didn't know she knew they were called ultrasound pictures but our observant girl said "let me see the babies ultrasounds."

*will and i were playing a game of rummikub.  ever came running up and said "super disgusting paper in the toilet."  i knew she was up to something.  we went in the bathroom and discovered she put an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet.

*ever took a bag of lentils from the pantry and she was cuddling them.  i tried to get them from her and she very sternly said "no mama, don't take my lentil baby!"

*walked up to me and randomly said..."you a maniac, i a scientist"

*will said how when he took ever to the grocery store the other night she was being very bossy.  he told her she was a demanding little woman.  now she refers to herself as little woman.  
what is funny is there is a story documented in my journal when i was around the same age and i told my parents "i not skye...i woman!"

*we were watching an episode of american pickers last night.  we paused it because it was getting late and we still needed to do ever's bedtime routine.  a while after we put her in bed we turned the episode back on.  instantly ever yells out "papa!"  will goes in her room and ever says "i want to watch pickers."  will says....you want to watch pickers?  ever...."i suppose"
will couldn't refuse her cuteness so she cuddled up on the couch with us even though it was way past her bedtime and she told me "i just love pickers!"  

*recently my mom had taken ever to run errands and they stopped at my grandmother's house.  in a discussion l. marie mentioned how the babies are parasites.  which if you think about it in a way they really are....sucking the life out of me...my body gives the best to them.  apparently ever paid attention during that conversation because several nights later when i asked ever what her baby sisters names are she said "parasites".


  1. I LOVE reading everisms...she is so funny! And I LOVE all the pictures!!! :)

  2. Such a cute smartie pants! Love that girl!


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