the first nst and memory lane

yesterday was the most i've been out of the house in a while.  it was nice to be out but also exhausting and somewhat painful because being on my feet for more that 10 or 15 minutes at a time is pretty uncomfortable these days.  i had my first of many scheduled non stress tests for the babies.  this is a bi-weekly thing from now until they are born.  i found it to be fun actually hearing both of their hearts beating.  the little buzzer i'm holding i would click when i felt movement from either one of them.  they were both super wiggly....i don't think they liked having the monitors strapped to them.  i always feel baby b having hiccups but rarely baby a because of the way she is positioned.  yesterday she had hiccups during almost the entire test so i not only felt them but heard them which was cute.  dr. taylor says he's never seen twins past the test as quickly as our girls did yesterday.  that had will and i laughing and a little nervous because it could very well be we have two more intense overachieving ever's in there which means life could be extra crazy in a few weeks....as long as they are more compliant with sleeping and eating we might survive.  i felt really relieved that the appointment went well.  i celebrate each day that passes because it means they are closer to being born without complications.  
when my appointment finished will still had an hour to be at work so rather than driving all the way home ever and i went downtown with my mom as she and some other people from the hospital set up for a training class.  ever thought she was at disneyland or something.  we were in the building that i remember being jcpenney when i was a kid but now i guess it is a place that can be rented for various occasions.  she had so much fun running around and then one of the guys there put despicable me on the big screen for her and she was amazed.

she didn't want to go with me to pick up will so i left her there while i got him at work.  when we got back to the place ever showed will around.

my dad worked out of an office right next to that building when i was younger so i felt like i grew up in that area.  it was where brandon and i had our first very successful lemonade stand.  we would often walk across the way to a pet store and i would buy goldfish.  we played on the library lawn when the library was in the amazing super old building next door.  i had favorite books that i would check out over and over.  we participated in activities at that library during their summer program.  it was like a walk down memory lane for my always nostalgic soul.  
i caught my reflection in the window of what used to be the downtown post office but is now an antique store.  there is 32 weeks of twin belly action in that reflection. 
it was right next to this alley that i confessed to my mom about getting in trouble at school for the first time in third grade....a very vivid memory of mine.  i thought about it and then looked up to see will and ever walking in front of me.  so many years since then and so much has changed.


  1. This whole post was quite cute.

    Haha, of course getting in trouble for the first time would be a vivid memory for you. I bet you were so stressed out!

    1. i was incredibly stressed. it took me hours to confess.....the entire time i had a tummy ache. i think my parents thought it was funny because i didn't even do anything so terrible yet i was torn up about it. sensitive from the very beginning....that's me.


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