halloween already...

i figured i might as well try to go out with a bang before the twins are born so i stocked up my {etsy} store with a few prints that have never been in there before.  one of the prints is from the popular halloween painting i made last year.  the original version hangs year round in our home since we love it so much.  ever is always talking about it and pointing everything out then proudly says "mama made that!"  any of the little shows she watches she gravitates toward the halloween episodes and some of her favorite books we read over and over are about halloween.....she is definitely mine.  not to go off on too many side stories but i noticed one day recently while looking at the halloween painting that i may have predicted my future when i started painting this last august.  the ghost with the eye patch seems like a papa ghost.  the smiling ghost under the tree seems like a mama ghost then the remaining three seem like baby ghosts so maybe some part of me knew that i'd be a mama to three quicker than i could have imagined.
i'm not completely sure when i'll close up shop but i'm thinking it'll be towards the end of this month.  i don't know how long i'll keep it closed either so i figured i'd give everyone a chance to get this halloween print before it is too late.  

since there are plenty of other prints i didn't want to leave out i added them as well.

this is a sneak peek but head on over to {etsy} and see what else is available....including a couple of original paintings.

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