33 week twin belly and playing in the rain

these pictures were from my third nst which happened monday.  babies passed the test super quickly again and that made us happy.  i was a little more restless during this test.  i couldn't get comfortable but at least i had a few favorites in the room to entertain me.  sandi had a tougher time finding the heartbeats on the girls this appointment because they wouldn't sit still.  it amazes me that i was able to tell her exactly where she needed to attach the monitors to get accurate readings.  i guess i know these girls of mine.   
meet "mingo" (as ever calls it). a couple months ago ever found mingo near my moms office and had to have it.  luckily nobody cared too much when she took it home with her.  she puts mingo between her legs and pretends to ride it all over the hospital, our house, the neighborhood.  mingo has been taken to the shower with ever, sometimes he sleeps in her crib.  she loves that thing. eventually mingo #1 got a hole in it but ever still rode it all deflated.  my mom got her a replacement last week.  in the picture above will was getting ready to pull a prank on dr. taylor with mingo.
ever loves to come in the room for a few minutes with yaya to listen to her baby sisters and shower me with kisses.  she's always very affectionate when i'm hooked up to the machine.  she also likes to smell the straps around my belly and tell me they smell like oranges....but they really don't.  funny girl.
after the appointment we went and played in the rain.  each appointment i have had lately i have received  good news and then i feel a little more relaxed about how uncomfortable i currently am.  i'll happily endure the pain if it means these babies will come out healthier.  ever loves the rain so much.  she kept dancing and splashing then she went home soaked and muddy but very happy.

documenting 33 weeks worth of two babies in my belly.
playing in the rain is quite possibly one of the best ways to spend an afternoon...just ask ever.

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  1. I love the pictures of Ever in the rain! True happiness!....especially the one where we can see you at a distance, you look amazing!


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