another hummingbird moment with brulé

night before last i had a dream about brulé.  i don't dream about her often but when i do the dreams are always so realistic and sweet.  in this particular one we saw each other from a distance and ran to each other and i hugged and cuddled her much like in these pictures below.  she was thrilled to see me and i was thrilled to see her.  waking up from these types of dreams i feel happy like i actually spent time with her but then sad because she isn't here for me to spend time with her like i used to.  brulé was born with a beautiful wise soul unlike any animal i've known and that soul still touches my life from heaven.  
(all these pictures of us are from july 2011)

throughout the day it was like she was sending me little reminders of our connection.  after the passing of her and boz i wrote {this post} about how i was inspired to create that hummingbird painting.  since then a hummingbird sighting has taken on a new meaning for me.  since our backyard is a barren wasteland i never see hummingbirds out there but last night i just happened to open the door at the exact moment a pretty little hummingbird was buzzing around our yard.  
a little while later i was looking at baby and toddler clothes on gap and i came across this onesie with the hummingbird carrying a letter that says love u.  in case you are wondering i didn't hesitate to add this to the twins wardrobe.  
it is comforting to me that although we are apart brulé and i still share that special connection.  i don't know if she was sending me love because on this day 13 years ago my dad had his massive heart attack which began three months of him clinging to life until he finally graduated to heaven.  maybe she was just missing me like i miss her.  either way her timing was perfect and i'm not at all surprised.  she always knew and still does.  

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