the hummingbird moment

 last week when we put boz in his final resting place under a giant pine tree next to brulé many tears were shed.  as we sadly said goodbye to that bossy boy who we love, a beautiful thing happened.  a hummingbird buzzed past all our heads and flew away.  it brought me such a peaceful happy feeling.  it was as if that hummingbird was a sign to us that boz was free and happy....not that i doubted he was...but still it was a beautiful thing.  after that happened i suddenly remembered that we had seen a hummingbird when we buried brulé back in february.  brulé's death was so sudden and unexpected and since she was technically my dog (although living at my mom's house) it was extremely painful to let her go.  i was so grief stricken i didn't even pay attention to the hummingbird moment with her.  instantly i felt inspired to paint something involving hummingbirds.  i worked on this off and on over the last couple days and right before i added the finishing touches i decided to add....let me show you the way.  another thing that brought me peace when saying goodbye to boz is the thought that he would be reunited with brulé.  she paved the way for her fur family and i couldn't help but think what a sweet reunion it would be as brulé guided boz down his new path.  she may have been his baby but she was the smartest and wisest animal i've ever known.  it seemed only fitting that she would show him the way.  

brulé and boz together again.


  1. I cried (of course) when I read this. And your picture turned out so amazing (as usual). :)

  2. I was showing Lynn your beautiful painting, and she told me that Hummingbirds are the host for the spirit of a loved one (animal or human) and come visit after a death. I thought that was a beautiful concept and I know that was the case with Bru and Boz. I love you.

  3. Just beautiful Skye...the meaning....the painting....the image of the reunion....I am so very sorry for your loss but this painting is definitely a treasure!


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