portrait a week 29/52
this little lady has been battling allergies/maybe a cold the past few days but that isn't going to stop her from looking adorable and being funny.  immediately after i took this picture ever yanked out her mermaid hair clip, and she said pretty then kissed it and held it up to my mouth and instructed me to kiss it.   
we had a sad day this week because boz was relocated to heaven on wednesday.  ever had really bonded with boz lately and she was very sad to see him go.  more on that another day.  i still have yet to write a proper post about brulĂ©....but i think the recent events will push me to make that happen.  i find it comforting to think about brulĂ© and boz being reunited although i desperately wish they could have stayed alive the rest of my life.

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  1. Ever is so adorable! Just look at that face!! :)
    We will miss Boz. I was telling my kids about Boz. They all were sad. Bryce couldn't even finish eating his lunch cuz he was all sad. Mia kept remembering about the good times she had with Boz. I will miss his curly tail.


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