portrait a week...30/52
taking her first real ride in papa's fiat and thrilled that i let her play with my chapstick.....really i should say eat my chapstick.  luckily it is made from coconut oil and 100% natural because she kept digging her fingers deep in the tube and licking them, then she would say "mmmmm yummy taste!"  she had the biggest fit when i finally took it away from her.

over the weekend i decided ever doesn't really seem like a baby at all anymore, but rather a miniature adult.  i think the fact that she is talking all the time and growing rapidly makes her seem less like a baby.  but what makes it most obvious is the way she interacts with us and certain mannerisms.  there are moments that i miss the baby version of her but she is so hilarious and cute in this current stage.  she is the most fun little sidekick.

oh and a little side note....
4 years ago today will asked me to marry him.
i am really happy he did.  
this picture was taken around that time.

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  1. Ok I know I've already said this but I love Ever's hair that way! So cute! :) And she does look like a miniature adult. :) love the pic of you and Will! :)


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