vogue and dark chocolate

a little while ago ever brought me my sunglasses and a scarf so i would put them on her.  i tied the scarf around her head and added the glasses.  in this particular shot she was engrossed in ratatouille (her favorite movie these days, a favorite of mine too) and looking rather vogue.  i can't get over the hilarious things she does.  
a couple days ago (like most days) i was nibbling on some dark chocolate.  during the day i had enjoyed 3 bites of this really dark chocolate and each time ever wasn't near me when i took a bite but as i got close to her she knew i had something amazing because she could smell it.  she looked at me and stuck her tongue out (for months now when i'm chewing gum or i have something in my mouth she wants to see she sticks her tongue out as a way to signal me to open my mouth). i wasn't even chewing but the smell alone had her so intrigued that she kept sticking her tongue out and saying taste.  each time i laughed and gave her the tiniest bite of dark chocolate which she loved!  the third time i gave her a tiny bite she smiled the largest closed mouth smile, closed her eyes, and then tilted her head back in pure satisfaction.  i honestly couldn't believe what i was witnessing.  this girl obviously loves chocolate and she had a moment of taste bud bliss that i have never seen her have before.  i could not stop laughing. 

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  1. OMG!!! I LOVE this picture and the story is so funny! Ever knows what's good. :)


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