cats and a dog

we had a visitor tonight.....my mom brought boz by for a few.  the humans of the house were happy to see him but the felines were not happy at all and i have proof.

these mean stare downs went on for quite some time.  boz whined and scratched at the door in an attempt to get closer to the kitties and they made it very obvious that they weren't impressed.

houndstooth seemed especially territorial.  that tiny kitty is not afraid of anything.
boz only stayed for a few minutes.  after he left it took some convincing to get the kitties back inside. 
they had what i call bottle brush tails and dorsal fins...they were all puffy.

if pellegrino could talk i'm pretty sure this would be the point that he would be cussing me out and letting me know boz is never allowed over again.

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  1. Heehee! you are so brave! I never let any of my kitties out. I worry way to much. They are so funny when they are all puffed up.


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