a name that starts with e

i got these colorful letters to hang in our baby girl's room. 
i would show you her entire name but we are keeping it a secret until she arrives. 
a few people know it, but they also know how we want it to stay top secret. 
i'd say the number one question i am asked these days is...
have you picked out a name?
my answer is usually...yes, but we aren't sharing it with everyone yet.
one small reason we've been quiet about her name is because i have this silly fear that someone would steal it.  but the bigger reason we've  been quiet is because i do not want to hear any negative feedback. 
i'm far too sensitive and quick to anger these days (dumb hormones) to hear a negative response about our very personal choice of name for our daughter.  
in fact i've never really understood why someone would give their not so nice opinion about such a thing but it happens all the time.  
in my mind everyone chooses a name for their own special reasons.  they pick something because they love it, doesn't mean i have to love it, but it also doesn't mean i need to say anything about not loving it.   
here are a few fun facts....
-before we got married we discussed baby names and i mentioned my idea for a girl.  i thought will wouldn't like it but he actually did so for almost 3 years now that very name has been our plan, unless it just didn't seem to fit her.
-i have always planned on going with a name that is not traditional or common.....that is just what i like and really what else would you expect from someone named skye.

-i like the idea of using family names for a middle name so her middle name will be just that, and when i'm ready to share i'll explain why we chose what we did.  
-i had a mini meltdown when i discovered a couple years ago that someone used the name i had planned for my daughter.  it was a complete stranger that did this so obviously she didn't do it to personally attack me, she didn't know my plan, but still i was kind of worked up about it because i guess i take the naming business pretty serious. 


  1. I'm excited to hear it. I had 1 friend and 1 family member that had girls first and they took the only name that I was really attached to for girls. And since it's a family member and a close friend, I definitely had to erase it from my list of names I wanted to use. Luckily I had only boys, so I never got too heartbroken. But still! Names are huge! And people are absolutely irritating with their opinions.

    P.S. I got your package. I am in love with how you shipped it. It's a gift for my husband and he is just going to love it! (really it's for me, since it will go on my wall where I have decided to put it - but it's for him because he will love it and it will remind him of us). THANK YOU!

  2. I love the letter! I was nervous to start telling people Neely's name, because it's so different, but thankfully we only got the weird looks once or twice, most people say it's cute. I also always share the fear that someone's gonna steal it before our baby is born and officially named.

  3. ;) This makes me happy! I LOVE top secret names! I don't really care what other people think. They will always be critical. Can't wait to See that beautiful baby girl!!

  4. Hmmm. Didn't a certain aunt steal a baby name from you and also your friend?? (I won't mention any names.) So I totally understand why you are being so secretive. And I hope you know already that I love the name. :)


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