my tiny ecosphere

this is a neat little story for you.  over the weekend my mom, will and i attended a couple christmas parties.  at one of the parties i saw a glass globe full of water and a few other things,  the items were all sealed in....never to be opened.  at first glance i thought it was interesting until i noticed there were tiny alive creatures in there and then i was amazed by it.  come to find out a few people at the hospital had received these ecospheres as a gift from some company.  i wanted one and i wanted it bad.  it was all i could talk about on the way home and the first thing i looked up on the internet that night.  my mom said how when she initially saw these spheres she knew i would love one and if we were all exchanging christmas gifts this year she would have purchased one for me.  come to find out they are pretty pricey.  so i basically gave up the idea of owning one since items for the baby are more necessary to purchase these days than ecospheres containing itty bitty shrimp.
today i got a text from my mom saying she had something for me and she was really excited about it.  i had a feeling it was the little glass globe i desired but i didn't want to get my hopes up so i talked myself out of thinking that was what it could be.  turns out my mom went to a meeting at work that included a white elephant gift exchange.  someone who didn't think the ecosphere was so amazing gave this as the white elephant gift.  my mom spotted it and stole it from the first person to open the gift.  she then promptly hid the sphere so that nobody else would decide to steal it.     

i didn't mean for the flash to go off because i didn't want to startle the little guys but if you look closely you'll see all 4 shrimp.....which i plan to name.  if you have any name suggestions feel free to share.   

my new little shrimp friends are very low maintenance.  everything they need to survive is in the sphere and they can last for two to three years or longer.  with the proper amount of light and being kept at temperatures between 60-80 degrees this tiny ecosphere has all the right ingredients to thrive on it's own.
i'm so glad my mom was able to snag this for me today because i love it.


  1. I remember seeing those in a catalog my Granny had, when I was little, and being amazed by them too.

  2. Bubba, Gump, Cock, and Tail...these were your brother's suggestions. He's not being naughty...he was thinking of shrimp cocktail, and Bubba Gump shrimp. :)

  3. I like mine so much I bought another one. Fascinating aren't they? =)

  4. PS - I can't believe that anyone would White Elephant the sphere. It is so awesome =)


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