nautical harajuku mini

the second installment of harajuku mini recently came out.  i kept telling myself that i wasn't going to go crazy but then i found out it was all nautical themed and i can't resist nautical cute stuff.
so here are the items baby "e" scored.  my mom tried to tattle on me as we were shopping.  she text will telling him i was going to buy a bunch of stuff and his response......"e" already has me wrapped around her finger, tell skye to have fun.

i love all of it but this little jacket is something i REALLY love.  i wish it came in my size!

there was a little mermaid backpack and this shark one.  originally i had the mermaid one in the cart but for some reason i couldn't stop thinking about the shark version.  my mom voted shark and then i text will a picture of both and he voted shark too so even if it is kind of boyish we don't care.  i've already daydreamed about her carrying this around on her first trip to disneyland. 

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  1. WOW, there's a LOT of cute stuff in this post. My favorite might be the mermaid hoodie.


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