ornaments with history

so my mom came over with the following ornaments this weekend...

this was my very first ornament many moons ago.  love that she found this.

every year when we were kids gram would make an ornament for us grandkids.
this one is from 1983.  she would usually pick a theme and then we would pick which character or color we wanted most.  that particular year she made carebear ornaments it seems. 
apparently i was all about funshine bear.

this is just a pretty my mom knew i'd love.

and same with this.

i especially enjoy the history on those old ornaments and that is a major reason i'll most likely never do a themed tree....i find the random assortment (with stories) much more interesting.


  1. I love this post...not sure why...maybe I'm reminiscing about Christmas when you were cute baby Skye :)

  2. Agreed! It was a like a trip down memory lane going through all my old ornaments :D


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