missoni baby bedding

i have spent all sorts of time browsing the internet for the perfect crib bedding.  while many of the options were cute and something i liked i didn't love any of them.  i wanted something that really spoke to me and something that wasn't traditional.  well today i found it.  another thing i didn't want is the whole billion piece crib bed set with the matching this and matching that for several reasons.  so what i did was order the quilt and crib skirt then i'm going to get plain jane sheets and a plain mesh breathable bumper.  i've been reading about how babies can get up against the bumper and smother themselves so i'm opting for the safer kind.
so here is my colorful wildly patterned choice of baby bedding!

Missoni For Target® Medallion Crib Quilt.Opens in a new window

Missoni For Target® Medallion Crib Skirt.Opens in a new window
thank you missoni for target for having something different that excites me!


  1. Ohhh, I love those! And I hear you on the matchy-matchy sets. Not a fan either. Love seeing all your new baby stuff.

  2. I just bought this for my little girl. There is something about it that just speaks to me. I put ir in her room today...and it made my day! Her room is mostly vintage, antique and handmade. I felt this pattern looked like a modern patchwork and it works perfectly!


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